Simple Full Turn Servo Question

If I have a 360 degree (full turn) servo instead of the standard 180 degree servo, do I use 0-360 in the argument of servo.write()?

For example would I do servo.write(240), servo.write(360) to go to 240 degrees and 360 degrees?

All the examples I have seen for using servo.write are for 180 degree rotating servos so I have no idea how to use servo.write with a 360 degree servo.

If I have a 360 degree (full turn) servo

Hmmm...just wondering...If you have it why don't you just TRY it?

It's in the mail and yes I'll probably just try it, but I was writing code for it already and I was just wondering if anyone knew.

OK! I don't know but there should be information available on the specific servo, no?

A tip that may or may not be useful: Using the Arduino you can control a servo by angle OR by milliseconds. By milliseconds I mean the on-pulse of the signal that controls the servo. Should look something like this:

That may help when you try too google for info on your servos...

OR by milliseconds.

can you give more sources for info on that?
...more precisely: on how to produce such signals?

the writeMicroseconds() method is also in the Servo library distributed with Arduino versuion 0017.

Its fully functional but not an 'official' Arduino function so its not mentined in the Arduino reference.