Simple Hobby Motor Code? Help.

Ok so here's the setup, I have 2 hobby or dc motors, 1 in the back for forward/backward and 1 in the front for steering left and right. I just started arduino so Im still in the noob range, but what I had in mind is to control how far or how long each motor will run and then repeat so it runs on a pre-programmed track almost. For example, I would like it to go forward using the forward/backwards motor for say 3 seconds on a certain speed and then turn left using the left and right motor for a certain time on a certain speed then going forward again to achieve that turn. Is there already a code like this? As well, I would like to use a Quad-Half H-driver or Quad-H bridge how ever its spelt.


First, what motors do you have (a link would be best). Are they DC motors or they servos?

Why do you need a quad H-bridge if you only have 2 motors? Believe a dual H-bridge would suffice. You can Google arduino h bridge shield or the like.

Usually when you buy a shield, the supplier will have an example code to with it.

I have DC motors

Ok I have a dual-H driver, I don't know why I said quad,:wink:
and ok thanks for the help!