Simple i2c test ?

Hi. I am working with an IMU-3000/Adxl345 Fusion breakout board from Sparkfun. I have just wired up the sensor to my Bare Bones Board from Modern Electronics (like Duemilanove) with the intention of just testing communications over I2c. I am trying to read the Who_am_I register. But in my very simple code, it gets hung up when I do serial.endTransmission() [before I can even receive the data]. After debugging, I found that it isn’t even returning anything it just freezes at that point. What could be the problem? My full code is below. Not sure if this topic should be in I2C section, just thought it might be my code that is the problem. I’ll happily remove and repost or whatever I need to do to the topic just let me know.

#include <Wire.h>

void setup (){
void loop (){
byte value = 0;
int result = 5;
byte IMU_address = 1101000; //address of IMU, LSB can be 0 or 1 so I’ve tried both
//also tried it as an unsigned char

Wire.send(0x00; // i wanna read the first register, also tried others

Serial.print(" sent the address…"); //prints successfully

result = Wire.endTransmission(); // this is where it hangs up, doesn’t get past here

Serial.print(result, DEC); //never see this

Wire.requestFrom(IMU_address, 1);
while (Wire.available()) {
value = Wire.receive();
Serial.print(value, BIN);
Serial.print(value, DEC);
Serial.print(value, HEX);
Serial.print(" that is your id number ");

byte IMU_address = 1101000;

Is that meant to be binary? It's a big number to stuff into a byte...

yeah that is the 7 bit I2C address number. I guess my syntax is off for that?

Yes, you've written a decimal number that would normally require about 21 bits. Try sticking a B on the front.

Yup, that was it. Thanks so much. One letter "b" held me up for a day and a half. lol