simple inexpensive ac dimming

probably asked 1 million times, but sorry i can't seem to find a both inexpensive and simple ac dimmer, perhaps some of you guys know of one. Looking to dim some regular lamps using a simple device, hopefully inexpensive also. I was looking into dmx and it looks very complicated. I would say im intermediate with arduino itself, but when it comes to alot of other things, like outside hardware and software, im very lacking in knowledge, so the simpler the better.

btw it's 120 vac im looking to control, not the European voltage

I'm not sure about your question - are you looking for a simple dimmer to mount on the wall? Those can be picked up at a local hardware store - since you asked about 120vac you are in USA?

OR do you wish to dim lights using the Arduino as a control using a pot to control? If so, you might try a SCR rated for the voltage/current load of the lights and modulate the SCR using a PWM output from the Arduino.

I hope this helps - and maybe I'm totally mis-understanding the question.

Ken H>