Simple IR-based controller

Hello Community, I have decided to play around with some IR stuff and I came up with this... I made two different sketches that both control two LEDs, each sketch having its own 'behavior' and I figured I would post them here. Becuase each remote can be different, I cannot really help you if your remote does not work. To find the HEX codes for your remote, I would use the example sketch IRrecvDemo (attached) in the IR Library by z3t0. I have also attached the IR HEX codes for my own remote.

Link to the IR library: Arduino-IRremote/ at master · Arduino-IRremote/Arduino-IRremote · GitHub

I'm also working on a project between an Arduino and an RPi that I've called "ArdPi-D.A.P" and I'm looking for someone to help me with the RPi/Python side of the project. PM me if you are interested.

IR Remote Key Values.txt (295 Bytes)

IR_Control_v1-01.ino (1.54 KB)

IR_Control_v2-01.ino (1.33 KB)

IRrecvDemo.ino (559 Bytes)