Simple low cost homemade arduino box

Nothing special. Its usefull for me and want to share it with you:

he he, you're right that's an ugly box. I can't believe I just watched a 2.5 minute video of it. (Good to see you figured out now to lock the camera so you could put the USB cable in)

Not quite ready for product I'm guessing :)

All jokes aside a box is a good idea, it's very easy to short the underside of a PCB if it's bare.


Yep, a good first step. If you want to add a few standoffs then it'll be better. Plus, after making the holes, you can get a black piece of plastic, that kind found on a black 3-ring binder (cheap soft one). I cut up one of my 3"*5" card holder made from black plastic sheet to make a bezel for my ugly-cut holes. Makes it look better. You can cut straight on a sheet, right? ;)

What were the boxes for originally? Creative reuse!

Thanks for the replies. Graynomad, this is not, a product related box :). Just to put arduino somewhere :).

liudr, good idea. I will try to find something to cover the front of the box. The box costs 10 minutes of drilling and 5 minute for the glue :). I have a space in the big box for the battery, but now there is room for shield or electronics, and this is the main reason the battery holder to be outside

theepdinker, are from electric staff store. I bought it a year ago ($1) for a different project (vibrograph), but after that I realized vibrograph electronics need a metal box. Yesterday I just found these boxes and do this black thing :).

The clip is about it to show that is so easy to fix something somewhere using hot silicon, but not to glue it. (Its not a good idea to fix something that will become hot :) )