Simple menu system for u8g library

I'm looking for a simple menu library that can create dynamic menus.

I have a master arduino that scans the RS485 bus on startup, looking for slaves. Each slave requires its own set of displays and setup menus. There could be up to 16 slaves.

I think that I will need 2 display screens and 2 or 3 setup screens per slave. The input is either numeric (floats in the %f4.2 format) or a simple radio button.

I've looked at m2tklib but it just seems like overkill, plus I'm already pushing 16K out of my available 30K used....

Is there a simple light weight library menu library that I can use? Something like ncurses would work.

Something like ncurses would work.

I've not found that cursing at the computer is very effective. Whether once or n times.

Of course m2tklib will require some flash rom, but it is also optimized for size. The definition of menues does not eat up a lot of rom. You can define a lot of menues / dialog boxes without much increase if flash rom size. Also the size of m2tklib depends on the elements you use. If you restrict yourself to M2_U32NUM (which can handle fix point numbers like xx.x) and M2_RADIO (and of course M2_BUTTON and M2_ROOT to jump between menues), then m2tklib will keep very small. Maybe you can reduce size by smaller u8glib fonts or by using the "reduced" fonts ("r" postfix).