simple motor question

Hi all,

I am just wondering what you call the female parts that you can plug into the D shaped connector on the end of a standard DC motor. My project is starting to come together, the motor is doing what I want, now I just have to transfer the torque. How should I go about searching for parts that interface with my motor?

on the end of a standard DC motor.

There is no such thing as a standard DC motor.
So provide a link or a photo of the motor you are using.

I'm thinking... are you talking wires and their plugs? Or, since you're talking about transferring torque I'm wondering if you mean the "flat" on the spindle which gives it a kind of D-shape and you're actually talking about gears and stuff?

As the grumpy one suggested, post a pic or a link.

No what he is talking about is that part on the back of the motor where the shaft is slightly sticking out. The plastic casing around it looks like a "D", and he wants to get the torque from that.

similar to this.

Hm... I see even my toy motors have that. So what's it for?

It's not really for anything other than a mount for both the shaft inside and to whatever the motor is being attached to. It's not made to measure any torque, but there are some where the shaft stick out a little further, so you can attach a small fan to cool the motor down.

Yep I realised it has nothing to do with the transfer of torque, since it doesn't move....

But I had never noticed the D-shape before- is it sometimes used to locate the motor in some kind of bracket?

It's just to mount the motor in certain brackets. Its usually used to save some space and not need to use screws or other bulky clips to hold the motor in. Actually I have some cars that use it as a vibration damper. Motor clips don't hold onto the motor too well, so that part is used to reduce some of the motor vibration. Screws work just as well thou.

It's just to mount the motor in certain brackets

Interesting... but we're still no closer to finding out what the OP was asking... 8)

You need to post a picture or a link to the type of motor you have, because im not aware of ANY female plug that exists, to do what you want.

ok maybe this isn't simple haha

the metal rod that comes out of a dc motor has a notch in it, so you can put something on it. something the motor turns. like this:

i'm trying to mount something on it but i have no idea what you would call the female piece that fits snugly onto it.

A shaft coupler.

Look at the websites of Pololu and Lynxmotion, and maybe Solarbotics and Hobby
Engineering, for wheels or couplers that attach to small motors. You have to be
sure and get the shaft and wheel/coupler diameters to match.

Or if you don't want too much torque, a short length of tight fitting silicon or rubber tubing makes a simple and good coupler.

yes, that's what i meant! thanks.