Simple parts inventory program? (free or opensourc

Can anyone recommend a simple inventory program?

The reason why I ask is last night it took me 7 hours to figure out what I needed to order from mouser. It was not fun trying to figure out what I had on hand, what was needed, ect…

To give you an idea of my needs - I need to keep track of about 1500 parts, and be able to group them into 30 assembles.

My budget is $0. So, even an old dos program would be fine by me. Just as long as it works.

(BTW - I don’t want to roll my own in excel or access)

Any suggestions? Advice?

From experience, and after trying out a dozen or so php/mysql free solutions I forked out for Simply Accounting.

Not the greatest or best inventory program out there, but if you are tracking 1500 parts, you’ll appreciate it.

I got mine at Best Buy, if I recall correctly, it was roughly $100.

Simply does also include the ability to create assembly groupings from your inventory.