Simple PC serial interfacing

Hello all. I have a Mega ADK and I am looking to do a simple program. I would like to simply ask a few questions to the user via serial (hyper terminal/serial monitor?) and then bring the (only) numerical answers back into variables and execute a program including the variables. I would like to ask the user a preset for a timer and other variables that would be inserted into a simple formula. Other questions would be similar to "press 1 for using this formula, press 2 for using this formula, etc" I am just curious if this is possible and how to pass the data back into the arduino. There are plenty of tut's that describe writing to the serial monitor just wondering about inputting back in from the keyboard of a connected PC to the arduino.

TIA for your help and for being a noob.

You're looking for this page.

You should be a bit more descriptive as to what programming language / operating system you're targeting; you'll get a better answer.

What, "hyper terminal/serial monitor?" isn't descriptive enough?

He wants to prompt for and collect numeric data to use in a simple Arduino program.

jdmnash, I'll send you a pm