Simple Power Switch Help

Hello!! I am working on a project and would like to incorporate a toggle switch to power on/off the Arduino board. I also want to split the power into two so I can both power my Arduino board and a small strip of LED lights at the same time... I did some searching and found this part... ACC-2Y 2 way 12v DC Power Splitter :: AC/DC POWER PRODUCTS :: llc Will this work for splitting the power?

Also, as far as the switch goes, I want to control power on/off before the split... is there a part I could get that would be easier than splicing this type of wire to connect a toggle switch to control the power?

Total newbie here and appreciate any help or suggestions!!!

Thanks for you time!


First off what power supply are you using? It might not have enough amperage output to power both things. If it does you could splice the wires or if you want to buy something pre made use this.

Before ordering your splitter and the switch make sure your power supply has a high enough amperage rating if not use this .

Best of luck!

Actually, I would do this by getting a small "project" box, a panel mount plug (plug = part with male pin) and two lead sockets (cheaper by the dozen, note) and the switch, mount the switch and panel plug in the project box and stick it down somewhere with double-sided tape (or screws).

More robust, less messy.

Thanks for the insight guys!

The LED strips I'm powering are only 6" long so there should be enough power to light those guys up as well as the Arduino board.

Thanks for the tip on wiring the switch Paul__B! I think I'll go that route!