Simple problem

I've done this before and its worked, I'm not sure why I cannot get it now.
I have 5 arcade style switches with LED's. 4 of them are connected to 5V on one side (the arduino 5v pin), and connected together and tied to digital pin 8 (labeled bwswitch and bwswled respectively while the other is gswitch and gswled) I'm trying to achieve that when I push the buttons
they will turn off the LED's when the button is down and the buttons will turn on when not pushed.

I'm afraid I wired it incorrectly and the reason it isn't working is because when the switch is open it is floating and that causes a misread... I'm just wondering if I have to rewire it so the switch pulls it to ground? I also have 2.2K resistors on all switches. I thought this would be fine though seeing as how input pins are high impedance.

Currently with the code below the LEDs are HIGH all the time, pushing the switch does nothing.

Please help I feel incredibly silly ATM.
Thanks in advance!

My code looks like this:

int bwswitch = 8;  //pin names
int gswitch = 9;
int bwswled = 7 ;
int gswled = 6;

int buttonState = 0; 

void setup() {
  pinMode(bwswitch , INPUT_PULLUP ); //pinout assignment
  pinMode(gswitch ,INPUT_PULLUP );
  pinMode(bwswled ,OUTPUT );
  pinMode(gswled ,OUTPUT );

void loop(){
    buttonState = digitalRead(bwswitch);

    if (buttonState == HIGH) {    
      digitalWrite(gswled, LOW); 


If you are using internal pullup resistors then the switch needs to connect to ground when pressed. A pressed switch should read low. It sounds to me like it is going to read HIGH whether it is pressed or not if I understand your description of how it is wired.

Yes it is high always!

Should I change it from how I have it so from the arduino pin it goes to the resistor then ground?

It literally goes 5v switch resistor pin. Can I change the input? Or rewire ?

I don't understand exactly where you have this resistor, but you shouldn't need any resistor for a switch. You need one for the LED, but not the switch.

Can you draw a schematic of what you have? That would be so much easier to see than trying to picture it in my head from a description.