simple programming not working

I'm trying to do a simple arduino/processing project.

There would be five individual audio tracks each connected to an input, and they should all be looping infinitely at the volume of zero.

I would have five analog inputs to the arduino A0-A4 When i press the input,which is a button, it would increase the volume of the audio track attached to it from 0 to 100.

Simply put, when I press one button, music's volume should come up to 100. This is the code I have so far in processing, but if this is something that can be done just in arduino, it would be great.

import processing.sound.*;

import processing.serial.; import cc.arduino.;

SoundFile file6; SoundFile file1; SoundFile file2; SoundFile file3; SoundFile file4; SoundFile file5;

Arduino arduino;

void setup() {

arduino = new Arduino(this, Arduino.list() [0], 57600); arduino.pinMode(1, Arduino.INPUT); //arduino.pinMode(6, Arduino.INPUT); //arduino.pinMode(5, Arduino.INPUT); //arduino.pinMode(4, Arduino.INPUT); //arduino.pinMode(3, Arduino.INPUT); //arduino.pinMode(2, Arduino.INPUT);


void loop() { file1 = new SoundFile (this, "PLAY.mp3");; file1.loop(); file2 = new SoundFile (this, "sample.mp3");; file2.loop(); file3 = new SoundFile (this, "sample.mp3");; file3.loop(); file4 = new SoundFile (this, "sample.mp3");; file4.loop(); file5 = new SoundFile (this, "sample.mp3");; file5.loop(); file6 = new SoundFile (this, "sample.mp3");; file6.loop();

if (arduino.analogRead(1) == Arduino.HIGH ) { file1.amp(1.0);

} else if (arduino.analogRead(1) == Arduino.LOW) { file1.amp(0); }

if (arduino.analogRead(2) == Arduino.HIGH ) { file1.amp(0.5); } else if (arduino.analogRead(2) == Arduino.LOW) { file1.amp(0); }


  if (arduino.analogRead(1) == Arduino.HIGH ) {

Analog pins return a value in range 0 to 1023. Digital pins return HIGH or LOW.