Simple project: 2 Arduinos Serial Communicating. What am i doing wrong??

I really hope u can help me here.

I am trying to make this project which is fully explained within the 1st minute of the video

My setup can be seen here:

My 2 codes for this
Code1 :

Code2 :

I've done everything he has done. Hardware- & Softwarewise but nothing happens.

  • Does it matter, which of the codes i Upload and run?
  • Can someone confirm if my setup is correct?


Perhaps you should post your code following per #7 below, and explain your particular wiring. Have you been able to open an IDE and serial monitor for each arduino for testing?,148850.0.html

Post your code in this Forum to make it easy for us to help you.
And please use the code button </> so your code looks like this and is easy to copy to a text editor

You may find something useful in Serial Input Basics



  • Can someone confirm if my setup is correct?

I can confirm that your hardware setup is NOT correct.

And I can confirm that the usage of hardware serial and SoftwareSerial of the same board at the same time will at least create transmission errors.

Are you using MEGA2560 boards as visible on your picture?
This would make it easy to create reliable serial connections.
Or are you using a different type of Arduino board than MEGA2560?