Simple Project using the Uno

So, I’m trying to mode a very simple RC car and have gotten it to mostly work with one issue, I’m fairly certain it’s getting backflow.

The set up: Setting pins 8,9,10 as output and just connecting a wire to the side of the button that isn’t active. (I’m pushing buttons by simulating a complete circuit but not actually completing it)

It works, this may not be best practice but the controller does respond properly to the output signals.

The code changes the output on each pin to active for x time based on an serial input.
Again this works properly without crashing if wires are not connect.

Connecting the wires yields mixed results from 1 serial input crashing the entire thing to 30 serial inputs before it crashes. This what led me to believe it was backflow.

My understanding of electronics is extremely basic, but from research I did it seemed a diode was by best option to fix this issue. I’ve tried a few that I saw recommended but now it seems the signal isn’t strong enough coming off the arduino to trigger the buttons. Any diode recommendations or any other solutions would help.

We need a detailed diagram of how the elements are connected together. A circuit or block diagram to get started.

It sounds like the problem isn’t impossible to solve, we just need to be sure the way the controller and car are compatible and connected in the best way.

I suspect that opto-couplers may be needed, but it’s too early to tell for sure.

so again might laught cause of how dumb it seems, but it works >.>

Literally just a wire soldered to the button of the RC controller

Fingers crossed.
You may have gotten lucky.
Solder joint looks a bit dodgy!

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