Simple question about moving servos to position

Hello All , i hope everyone is doing well !

I'm planning on building a simple robotic manipulator , and i'm a little confused about what servo to buy. I'm looking for a servo that i can program a code to move the servo to a desired angle position.

Q1) Using the "Servo" library,can i for example move these servos to a desired angle? ( Are they compatible with the arduino library ?)

If not , what type of servo should i look that have an encoder and is compatible with arduino ?

**I previously worked with Dynamixels , i know how to code the PID position control and all , but i did not learn how to work with simple DC motors and encoders :confused: :confused:

(Sorry for the english , not my native language ) Thanks in Advance !

One of those servos is a standard 120-180 degree servo and the other is a 360 degree continuous rotation servo. Which sort do you need ? They're very different.

The "Servo" library is compatible with the standard servo. But not the 360 degree servo.


Oh sorry that was just for ilustrate the type of servo. So one of that with range 120deg should do the job.

Can i rotate that servo just calling servo.write and input the angle?

JoaoJzn: Can i rotate that servo just calling servo.write and input the angle?

Yes that's pretty much how the Servo library works. You'll probably need to calibrate the write value because the library assumes a particular range of pulse widths from 0-180 degrees but your servo may not obey those precisely.