Simple Question. (newbie)

I haven't gotten my Arduino yet, but I know it's on the way, and out of boredom, I decided to try and get a head start and try making some simple programs to test out when it gets here. Problem being I only have something like 12 LED to mess with, and that's it.

So, there isn't a ton I can do right now. I figured "Ok, 12 LED's isn't much, but I should be able to make a dice rolling program pretty easily." So, I set out in the adventure. Thing is, from looking through the information on the Duemilanove, pins 1 and 2 are for transmitting and receiving.

My question is, can I set pins 1 and 2 as outputs for the LED's? I know that they would blink just like the tx and rx on the pcb while uploading sketches, but am I able to turn them off and on after the sketch is there?

Pins 3-14 would work on their own, but then I'd only have the analog pins for the push button to start rolling the dice, meaning 1 to little pins without pins 1 and 2.

O-o Long description, I know, XD but pretty simple question I think.

Whilst you’re waiting, you could google “charlieplexing”

You can use the analog pins as digital pins.