Simple Question, please don't hurt.


Hi! I am a Photographer and want to update my Highspeed-Setup for Liquid Art.
The mC arrived yesterday, Arduino Uno SMD Edition, and it works very fine. I found a Program "Droplet" from Stefan Brenner.
Now i want to include a manuel Pushbutton as a remote control to start the Program, but did not found any solution for it.

Does anybody know how i could handle this? I don't know much about mC Programming so please excuse this greenhorn-like Question.

best regards

and it works very fine

How do you know that ?
Did you get that openSource project running? Congratulations !

I don't know much about mC Programming

Did you try to run an Arduino button sample ?
Did you understand it ?

A working project is a valid starting point to learn, if you do not prefer to start from scratch and easier samples.

To understand Stefan Brenner's code : the Arduino part seems pretty simple:

void loop() {  // nothing to do here}

My hint: here's where any button code goes. Probably you are able to trigger a valid ProcessCommand("whatever goes here");