Simple question regarding clock, latch and data pin on a 595

Regarding the clock, latch and data pins on the 74HC595. Do they have to be connected to specific pins on the Arduino or does it not matter? I'm using a Arduino DUE. Would i be able to connect the 595's Pin 11,12 and 14 to any of the data pins on the DUE?

normal pin out for 595 and a Arduino UNO DS (pin 14) to Ardunio DigitalPin 11 SH_CP (pin 11) to to Ardunio DigitalPin 12 ST_CP (pin 12) to Ardunio DigitalPin 8


Not really, as long as the library you're using knows what pins you're using. Or if you're writing your own code, just use whatever pins you want to.

Thanks so much! That was exactly what i needed to know.