Simple Question

Hey everyone,

I know this isnt exactly arduino related but I think you guys know the answer.

What I want to do is control 2 LED's with one switch. What I want to happen is when the switch is off one led is on and the other is off, and when the switch is on the LED's switch states. I am using a spst momentary switch. Please tell me this is possible.

I think the answer lies in transistors but I am not sure.

Thanks, Cory

Where would I wire my switch into the Bi-Stable Flip-Flop. I know what that is, I just dont know where to wire the switch in.

Thanks, Cory

slipknotcc: It's not clear to me if you want the LEDs to toggle every time you press the button or simply change state while the button is pressed.

If it's toggling you want then debounce your switch and feed it the CLK on a D-type FF (74xx74). Run Q\ to D. Then put your LEDs on Q and Q.