simple question

I have run out of pins on my project, and need one more.

I have the same signal ( a momentary TTL pulse ) going to the pin2 to run an interrupt routine, and to another pin to use for gating another function.

Can I digitalRead pin2 without upsetting the interrupt function?

Are you out of analog pins, too? Those can be used as digital pins.

Yes I have all the pins tied up at the moment, ( I have 2 arduinos hooked up using 5 pins in parallel, but I dare not use serial in case it slows down the video micro ( its overlaying a syncd graphic on a HD VGA signal ) I have also got 5 pins connected as bcd inputs and trigger, and some timing inputs and a SPI output, and a blanking signal.

Its all working except for the queuing part, and I need another pin for triggering the audio announcer chip....

I will just try using pin2, I just wondered if there are intermittent or odd problems doing this while using the interrupt .....

OK I found a pin that was not needed.