Simple question

Please forgive me for asking but, what does /* stand for. I am assuming it marks the start of a new "example of code" I have been confused because, when I have copied code, the /* sign is in the download. I am assuming it is showing the start of a different example. I am new to programming, and have no one to ask, what this is. Thanks in advance.

It starts a comment. '*/' is the end of the comment.

A good place to start would be the resources reference section in the tool bar.

For example, check out

"/" and its companion "/" are used to separate text comments from code.

this is a comment. Below is  a line of code


Maybe just to add to that, everything between a /* and then perhaps many lines later the */ is a comment, which means that whole block is not part of what becomes the program.

It can be used to put helpful stuff in there for us humans, or to temporarily disable some lines of code which are causing problems. The latter is often referred to as having been "commented out".

The // on some lines means that just that line is a comment or has been commented out.

Keep this reference page handy so you can look things up:

THANKS I appreciate the help.

Also, text between /* and */ is light in colour where text after // is a bit darker. Might be an issue if you have older eyes. ???

/* */ is great for removing a section of code when debugging.