simple relay error message

Can someone tell me what this means;

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: reap=0x30

What I am trying to do is run this simple relay code on arduino uno 3;

// define names for the 2 Digital pins On the Arduino 6,7 // These data pins link to 2 Relay board pins IN1, IN2,

define RELAY1 6

define RELAY2 7

void setup() { // Initialise the Arduino data pins for OUTPUT pinMode(RELAY1, OUTPUT); pinMode(RELAY2, OUTPUT);


void loop() { digitalWrite(RELAY1,HIGH); // Turns On Relay 1 delay(12000); // Wait 12 seconds digitalWrite(RELAY1,LOW); // Turns Relay off delay(300000); // Wait 5 minutes digitalWrite(RELAY2,HIGH); // Turns on Relays 2 delay(8000); // Wait 8 seconds digitalWrite(RELAY2,LOW); // Turns Relay Off delay(2000); // Wait 2 seconds


It does compile and claims to upload, yet doesn't reprogram the micro controller. The last relay program just keeps running. the message above shows up at bottom of Arduino IDE page. I have 3 books on arduino; Getting started with Arduino Programming Arduino, getting started with sketches and Programming Arduino, next steps. I cant find anything mentioning this. What is wrong with this code? any ideas? I have relays wired NO if that matters. I want the pins only on during the 12 and 8 seconds. Thanks in advance David

It does compile and claims to upload

Really? Then why is it telling you that the avrdude command can't talk to the Arduino?

What is wrong with this code?


any ideas?

There is a whole section in the Help menu on troubleshooting. By the time you work through those steps, you'll either not need to ask here (in the correct section of the forum), or you'll know what to say when you do post - like what is connected to the Arduino, etc.