simple/reliable 48 channel relay?

I have two pairs of 24pin chips that manage my car’s fuel system in different ways - stock and performance.

I’m wondering if their is a reliable/simple way to switch between the 2 pairs electronically so I don’t have to take my car apart to change the fuel management system.

I’m picturing a little pcb with the 4 chips and 2 outputs, with a switch to toggle between both modes.

48 relays is an option be feels overkill to me. i’m wondering if their is some kind of switching IC you could recommend.



Depending on the voltage and current values of the wiring being switched it might be difficult to define a pure electronics method that might be quite complex.

At the refinery I use to work at we used a lot of multipole T-bar relays (we used the 48 SPDT versions) for complex switching requirements. These relays are pretty expensive as I recall (> $100 ?) but perhaps avalible on e-bay as new old stock at bargain prices maybe.


Thanks, lefty I'll have a search