simple RGB LED question

If I analogWrite to my Red pin and Green pin to mix colors via PWM, both colors light in a single NON diffused LED in circles but they are not blended together for the color I am trying to achieve. If I cast the LED on the wall the two colors appear as two interconnecting circles, the closer the LED gets to the wall the two circles begin to come together for the intended color.

The only way they do not separate is if I diffuse them directly on top of the LED. If I give it any space, it separates.

DO i just need to buy diffused LEDS? I assume now that clear LEDs are not made for hue mixing?


I got some clear RGB LEDs the other day too. I've found a thin sheet of polystyrene works well to diffuse them. I don't know how warm they get, but I guess a sheet of paper would work quite well too.

RGB leds should not get anywhere near close enough to the temperature to damage paper. As a diffuser, many things can work. Paper, a blob of hot glue, and my favorite, a pingpong ball, to name a few. It mixes the color and gives the effect of a luminescent orb!

My favorite method is to use some fine sandpaper and sand the LED (all the way around).

This diffuses it pretty well.

The reason it won't work as well as Diffused LEDs is because Diffused LEDs have bits of material scattered in the case which diffuses the light better than sanding the surface.

thanks for the feedback. when i try to use paper, or other material, it really cuts down on the brightness.

what are some methods to keep it as bright as possible in a lit room? Thanks.

You can buy plastic that diffuses it but this scatters the light over a larger area so it does not appear as bright.

If you want a beam of coloured light then you will need to use a mirrored cone and reflect it into a beam.


Try polyester drafting film, this has a thin matt coating which acts as a diffuser and does not absorb too much light. The distance from the diffuser to the film will affect the efficiency.