Simple rgb project

I'm working on a lighting project for my wife's school, what I need is a light that will have a soft warm feel normally but with the push of a button will change to more of a full spectrum light for about 10 minutes. After that time period it needs to go back to the warm light if the button has not been pushed again. I'm not looking for a hand out but perhaps some guidance on where I can go to learn how to achieve it. I'm not new to arduino, unfortunately it's been a while since I've played with arduino so I'm a good bit out of practice. Any thoughts, ideas, or help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

what type of light? (APA102 are pretty easy to drive with the FastLed library for example)

I’ll be using just a run of the mill 12v rgb led strip.

The strip requires 3 inputs - R, G and B. Each is driven with a PWM signal. The relative duty cycles of the three PWMs determine the color. The combined output of the three PWMs determines the intensity. You will certainly need an LED driver between the Arduino and the LEDs, as the Arduino I/Os cannot directly drive more than a very few LEDs.

There are also dedicated RGB LED drivers sold by places like Adafruit, with hardware PWMs for driving the LEDs.

Ray L.

I'll be using just a run of the mill 12v rgb led strip.

I'm not looking for a hand out

OK, start here. First define the two colors you want in real terms. It would be best to try to define them in RGB values. It might be helpful to look at a few of the examples on RGB leds and see if you can find one that lets you adjust the color with potentiometers or from the serial monitor or something and try out a few combinations and see which numbers you like. After you know that your project becomes trivial.

The hardware side of this project isn't an issue for me, it is more the coding. What I am unsure of is how I can switch between the two color modes with a 10 minute delay between them. I know this is simple but like I said it's been a while since I've written code.

It’s so simple that it’s practically the very first project in any set of lessons. Well, that one turns it on and off but it wouldn’t be too hard to replace the turn it on part with turn it to one color and the turn it off line to turn it to another. But first you must at least think about what kind of leds you have (something you still haven’t said here) and how to control them. And you need to define the two colors you want. Why don’t you start there. Do some searching on the type of led strips you have and see if you need a library or if you can do it with analogWrite or what.