simple serial between two Arduino

I need to connect a pair of UNOs together over serial the first (master) will be connected to PC using normal USB that's working fine :)

I want to be able to pass commands to a second UNO (slave) my plan (four-letter word I know!) is to use SoftwareSerial on the master and connect pins 11 and 12 of the master to pins 0 and 1 of the slave

I tried, but with little success is my plan flawed?

any help much appreciated:) thanks

aha! it helps if a) both ends are using the same baud rate b) TX and RX are crossed over

I can now turn LED 13 on and off on both master and slave using commands to master! same software running in both UNOs

result :)

Don't forget to connect Gnd to Gnd also.

CrossRoads: Don't forget to connect Gnd to Gnd also.

yup I remembered that part :) all working nicely now, thanks