Simple Servo...Not Working

I am trying to drive a micro servo via a Rover 5 Explorer PCB and it is not responding. I am confident that it has power as it moves when the PCB is powered up. The code that I am using is below. I have gotten the motors and sensors to work via the PCB but this servo is frustrating me! Any help would be appreciated.

#include <Servo.h> 
Servo myservo;          // create servo object to control a servo 
void setup() 
    myservo.attach(8);  // attaches the servo on pin 8 to the servo object 
void loop() 
    digitalWrite(13, HIGH);             // blink on
    myservo.write(10);                  // sets the servo 
    delay(1000);                        // waits 
    myservo.write(120);                 // sets the servo again 
    digitalWrite(13, LOW);             // blink off
    delay(10000);                        // waits

I am trying to drive a micro servo via a Rover 5 Explorer PCB

A link would have saved time.

Have you got a separate power supply for the servo with a common ground to the Arduino?

Test the servo with a direct connection first, have a look at the two links in my signature try that, then you can at least tell whether its the servo, the board or something else

Duane B


Sorry, didn't think on the link to the PCB (partly as the documentation is not so good) :

It does provide power but I will have to check on the common ground with the Arduino. I do seem to be having some issues with documentation on the board and its power rails differing from reality.


Thanks on the testing advice...will work on this as after checking the ground!

I am a software person and this hardware stuff is a little new to me...!



It was the lack of a ground to the Arduino. There are two rails on the board and one is not grounded to the rest of the board (which was grounded to the Arduino). Switching to the other rail fixed my issue. Thanks for the help (and to DuaneB as well).