Simple Slider - Stepper bouncing betwen 2 limit stops an


I am seeking guidance with a project that i have due for work urgently. I haven't been able to find a lot of work and need a specific slider set up for a camera shoot that may provide ongoing work.

Any advice on the following from the gurus would be appreciated to achieve the following:

using what equipmet I have available from a canabilised 3d printer : UNO, Ramps shield, Nema Stepper motors and limit stops to create a slider on rails I have set up:

Trying to figure out what code to use to be;

  1. Able to control the speed of the travel.

  2. Have the camera sled travel the full length of the rails and hit the end stop and travel back in the opposite direction in a continuous bouncing fashion left to right for an unlimited period of time.

Thanks in Advance Pete

Forward reverse steppers can work out the speed control.....

Link to sketch below video.