Simple Smart Watch for the Arduino

goodinventor: What are your opinions on the program?

Your sketch is long on comments and grandiose concepts, but short on understanding and functionality.

It hasn't a Snowball's hope in a CAT scanner of working (look at your function getButtonInput for just one example, and I'm unsure how you're going to detect a divide-by-zero error), so I suggest scrapping it and starting from scratch, building on tested functions.

Thank you. I think I'll do that.

Oh, one more thing. Can you tell me the functions that are messed up so I can know the sound functions to work with? Thank you for your support.

Like this?

Or this?

Or maybe this:

Thanks. I have decided to use the Blend Micro board with the Adafruit 0.96" OLED breakout board with microSD card slot.