Simple stepper motor programing gig.

Hey guys,
So I have a project that requires I rotate a machine table in 90 degree increments.

I would like to use a simple photo eye sensor to trigger the 90 degree turn.

I would also like a button to jog the table (spin around).

I assume a simple program setup with 2 pins to receive the sensor & button triggers, etc.

The motor is a nema 34, 200 step and will connect with simple belt gears, so 50 steps will not equal 90degrees. I will have to figure a full rotation then divide by 4.

I want to power up the machine and it be ready to go.

Would anyone be interested in helping set this up for HIRE?

Driver specs: Leadshine DC advanced microstepping stepper drive, 7A per phase, 2-phase output, 24-70 VDC, bipolar, velocity and position mode, 200 to 12800 steps per revolution.

The other idea I have is; I insert magnets around the table for the 4 stopping points, add a hall sensor, then the stepper motor just turns clockwise to the next magnet location.

The main trigger will be a photo eye.

Secondary is a button.

Please submit a bid for this or hourly rate. I will only consider active board members.

I have already ordered the electronics for it.

The blue part of the diagram rotates.

Sent you a PM.