Simple Switch Question

I have a switch/circuit that is either open (no voltage going through or closed (14V going through). I am trying to use my Arduino to select if it is open or closed. What is the best/easiest way of doing that? Can I use a relay (JZC-11F, i.e.) to do that (because its 14V assuming can't plug it in directly into the Arduino)? Thanks.

To get good answers instead of guessings or qeuistions, please post a diagram. Pen and paper is fine.
Data for the realy, or direkt link please.
A logic N-channel MOSFET could do the job.

New to the forum..thanks for the advice and suggestions. How would I use N-channel MOSFET in this scenario? Most tutorials focus on using a MOSFET to control another device vs sensing.

Okey. Put the MOSFET at rest a while. Post a wiring of the project. Your text doesn't make it clear.

How to make a schematic you can post

Being a newbie I appreciate the help, but the diagram now is essentially like this. Two wires and I need a way to know if they are open or closed. I know it's simple but know sure how else to represent.

Use a voltage divider (q.v.). I.e. Two appropriately sized resistors and connect to an analog input.

Make a voltage divider giving less then Vcc of the Arduino. 20 kOhm to +14, other end to a 10 kOhm down to GND. The middle point to an input pin of the Ardujino. Connect GND Arduino to the GND You show.


Is the 14V AC or DC? How much current flows when the switch is closed? What is the switch switching?