Simple timed switch

Hello everyone.

I'm preparing an exhibition where there are 5 light sculptures in a room.

I want them to be all turned on and on a determined time one has to be turned of for 10 seconds. they are connected to 12v PSU.

I can only find projects with buttons and displays and much more complex options and not a simple one that does something like this:

on for 15min - off for 10s - and back on fo 15min, all this in loop

can you help me?

thank you very much

can you help me?

If that is all the project is required to do then look at the Blink example in the IDE

If the project is required to do more than just timing then have a look at the BlinkWithoutDelay example

Sounds like a minor variation of the standard Blink sketch... where one of the time spans is randomised by a random() function call. What's the problem, really?

the thing is I need to turn off the psu and I don’t know the components needed or the connections compared to the blink example!

the thing is I need to turn off the psu

Why ?

because the psu powers also a motor that needs to be turned off along the LED

So we started with switching a light. Now there's a motor involved. First you said you want to switch a single light, now you want to switch the whole power supply - how many power supplies do you even have in this project? What more details are you holding back?

Really, it's not helpful to waste the time of people trying to offer free help this way.

sorry I did not give all the info clearly. I never said that I wanted a light turned off, but I could have explained better.

when I said "light sculptures" connected to a 12v psu I already assumed it was something more than a light, because I know what I do but I forgot to say that!

the scheme is this:

220v-> 12v PSU -> led driver + motor

I need to cut the power so the output is off completely. either the 220v or the 12v

Now you need to specify the motor.

You probably want a relay module, but we really need to know the stall current of the motor.

How accurate - and how synchronised between the various units - do you want the timing?

MOSFET as low side switch will very likely do just fine. Remember the flyback diode across the motor terminals.

Sculpture so likely low power motors. Should be easy.

5 sculptures, 5 outputs.

I don't know the stall of the motor, it's a simple 1rpm dc motor... there's no electronic control involved neither in motor or leds..

there's no synchronization, I just need 1 element to turn off and on at determined intervals.

if it was a manual action, I just remove the plug from the wall socket and then plug it back in.

I would use an analog timer switch if they allowed me to control the seconds and not the minutes, like this one

Sorry, but I am still not clear what the requirement is

Are the lights to be turned on and off independently of the motors in the case of one sculpture, ie should its motor keep running as its light turn on and off ?

Please describe the motor and light states for each of the sculptures and how they are related

ok, let's restart from the beginning! it may be easier than it sounds...

forget I said 5 sculptures, as I need only 1 to be on/off

light and motor are connected to the same source, so when the psu stops giving power, both led and motor turn off.

I simply need to cut off power for a determined interval and back on after. I would use an simple socket switch like the picture before, but they are not precise enough as I need only 15sec off.

I can cut the 220v or the 12v output, it doesn't matter.

thanks for the patience, I am really not used to electronic controls, I prefer to have simple systems in my hands, but I can see the possibilities of programming so I'm investigating and trying to learn.

As said, just use a MOSFET switch. Nothing in the information given tells me there's an issue with that. Just make sure it can handle the current of motor + LEDs.

ok thanks, I’ll look into it.

and if I wanted to cut the 220v, and build an electronic version of this one where I can control seconds?

so I could use it for other applications?

You can, if you know how to safely handle mains voltages (mind: mistakes here can be pretty spectacular, and in cases even lead to a Darwin award nomination and you probably don't want that to happen to you).

It's MUCH easier and safer to switch 12V DC than it is to switch 220V AC.

OK, so I said

we really need to know the stall current of the motor.

And I am sure you have some idea of this because you must have arranged the 12 V power supply to match - so what specifications do you have - the running current?

The simplest way is to give us the Web references to the motor and LED system you are using.

It appears you just need a simple timer and 12 V switch. Timer modules (electronic) are available including (but not limited to ) eBay and Aliexpress, ready-made and not requiring an Arduino though certainly an Arduino can be easily programmed to perform simple cycle timing without clock accuracy.

As to the 12 V FET switch for currents up to several Amps, there are good and bad modules available, This is one of the better designs, note the specific FET used:

Aliexpress item - but not the only one!

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