Simple Timer for OLED

Hello dear community.

I have a problem with my project.

i want to show a count-down on my OLED display (u8x8) and when it has expired, a servo should start moving.

can someone show me a simple count down code? It doesn't have to be resettable or adjustable. He should only count down from 20.

All the codes I could find did not work, or were way too complicated and extensive.

Thanks in advance

Put this in setup() after any code needed to set up the OLED and servo

for (int x = 20; x >= 0; x--)
  //put code here to print X to the OLED or call a function to do it
  delay(1000);  //wait a second
//code here to move the servo

I can't help feeling that there is more to this question

thanks :slight_smile:

how can I fix that?

Print a space after the number to get rid of the 0 left over from printing the 10