Simple True/False Game using LCD

Newish programmer here,
i'd like to make a simple trivia True or False game using Arduino for my school project. so my idea is, i want to design a simple triviia True/False game that has one LCD and two buttons for true or False. my problem is, when im using while for this case, it cannot read the button on the first question, so the Lcd is just skip the read of the button from number one and it jump to next question. so, a few days ago, i saw that i can use the state Machine. but, im still dont understand. And today, my friend told me that i can use "while" for both LCD and Button. so, wich one is better to use, and how to use the state machine to work properly? i hope your answer, guys. but, thanks a lot for helping me

Please read the forum guidelines in the "how to use the forum" posts and post the code that you have in code tags. We can't help you fix your sketch if we can't see it. It would help if you can post a schematic, as well.

There is a similar post here with some ideas for you to consider.