Simple USB oscilloscope

Hello, my name is Roberto and I'm the classic "newbie".

I have a couple of Arduino UNO and have already gone through the beginner's stage. I have all kinds of breadboard components and sensors. I'd like to build an inexpensive, simple USB oscilloscope prototype that will allow me to check the waveform of my low frequency projects including music synthesizers. A bandwidth of 30HZ - 100 KHZ would be OK. One channel will suffice for the moment, although a second channel will be a great plus. I found lots of projects on the web , but no one with clear specs and wiring diagram, including the USB interface, the Windows (7 in my case) GUI and the Arduino sketch code. Can you give me recommendations, instructions, or links where to find list of components, circuit schematics and Arduino code?

Thanks a lot Roberto


I'm interested too...

Thanks :)

have you guys seen this one --,64327.0.html -

Thank you robtillaart,

I'm looking for an 'simple' oscilloscope with minimum 2 channels with signal display on the computer on which the ARDUINO is cennected... Someting like this :, or this : The problem is that I didin't succeed to make them work... Do they work for you?

Sorry for my imprecise english :*


I haven't even tried to make them - ;)

A quick look => I would go for the Arduinoscope (download the sketch and select the PC app on the left)

What is your native language? just curious as your English is quite good

I’m french :slight_smile:
It’s difficult for me to go out from the French forum…
For ARDUINOSCOPE I don’t succeed…
I tried with the PORCESSING sketch - library problem…
I tried with the PC app, it starts working but fail after few seconds…