Simple Windows interaction

1.)-> Arduino Uno R3 - Would like to start a windows program at the press of a button.
2.)->Gobetwino download appears to be missing

I am a Coding teacher for a School District in Texas. This year for Christmas we are having our students program LED light strips and having them flash to the sounds of Christmas songs.

We are using Arduino unos to make this happen. [Elegoo UNO R3] We are making good progress with getting the lights to flash at the correct times and yada yada. However we need some assistance with having the arduino start the song when a button is pressed. We are currently manually starting the song at the same time and the “dancing light functions” on the arduino. This has limits with timing ect.

We would like to make it where when a button is pressed, windows is told to start a song. Or a program that has the song. yada yada. So the arduino is controlling the lights and a separate windows PC is playing the song.

Specifically I need a way to have the arduino start a program on windows. A lot of what I have been researching tells me that the solution is in Gobetwino, however I cannot for the life of me find a download on this program.

The link is dead and I have started sending out droves of requests for someone who may have the file.

I have also looked into having the Arduino use my keyboard to press a button that would start the sequence. However it appears that we would need an Arduino Leonardo or other model. I have no problem getting one of those. however I really feel like there is a way to do it with what I have now.

Can someone give me some pointers on how to get this accomplished

Could you maybe use Processing?

I do not know if this will help but there is this 'program' called PLX-DAQ , info can be found here on this site.

I have used PLX-DAQ and, whiles it has it quirks, it does get information from a Uno, Mega, Due, ESP32 and put it into an Excel spreadsheet. But wait there is more! The program is actually a macro run in Excel. You can open up the macro to see how the author did the thing with communications.

I had to have the Arduino IDE monitor closed for it to work, it uses the USB for comms.

TheMemberFormerlyKnownAsAWOL - I have been trying to look into Processing, Event Ghost and other things I could find. I am sure one of those will work. I am trying to get it working. I need some specific examples so I can understand what is happening. I just need to spend more time on this project and currently my time is limited. If you have any specific advice that would be welcome'd

Idahowalker - I will look into what you posted. Thank you for your response.

As a side note. I am very new to arduino. I really have only been working on this for about a week or so. I teach a programming class. For the most part I teach my students how to created video games using python and GoDot.

This year we decided to do an LED light show because of COVID, This would allow the parents to drive up the school and see what the kids are doing in class without having to get out of their cars. With sufficient time I can solve this problem. However I am rapidly running out of time.

Thank you all for your help with this.

Try this for gobetwino: Gobetwino

Thanks go to @uxomm who posted the link here

I haven’t used Processing to play sound files, but I bet someone has, and that a search would reveal the hows.

sterretje - Thank you! and thank you to uxomm

Now i can try to see how to use this stuff to make the song start.