Simple Wireless Control

Hi All. I am fairly new to micro controller programming but have reached the stage where I can do the basics - read switches and analogs, drive outputs (switch LED's, control stepper motors, speakers, etc). I have a project in mind that requires a wireless connection - simple 1 way control (on/off). Xbee's would probably work but are to complicated for me. Does anyone have good experience with a simple transmitter/receiver pair (with documentation). 100' range would be OK, and power issues are not a problem. Thanks!

VirtualWire and a pair of 433 MHz modules with 17 cm straight wire antennas will work well over that distance, provided there are not many walls between them.

Thanks. I see that there is some good documentation out there on the device. I'm actually looking for something even simpler - my program energizes a 5Vdc auxillary relay. The idea is to have a contact from it key a transmitter, and upon receipt at the other end pick up a relay over there. I was hoping to find a stripped down version of a wireless doorbell (just a couple of circuit boards that I could easily modify). Basically I am looking for an on/off transmitter receiver pair - with no coding involved.

There are these keyfobs, but they won't reach 100 feet without better antennas.

Thanks. This appears to be pretty much exactly what I am looking for. The range may be an issue but I have a workaround in mind for that. I am going to give them a try. Thanks again!

Xbee’s would probably work but are to complicated for me.

XBees are the simplest radios to work with. They simply replace the wire that serial data is sent to. No special libraries. Error handling, retries, discovery, etc. all completely automatic.

Their only drawback is price.

How about HC 05 and 06 what is their signal range?