Simple Wireless library

Hi guys, my name is Alessandro. Some time ago I bought a couple of inexpensive wireless ASK modules and I started using the excellent VirtualWire library to make my two Arduinos communicate with each other. Then I realized that i needed more features than the ones provided me by the VirtualWire library. I needed to address each Arduino and I needed to "install" different "applications" on each of them (i.e.: one Arduino may act as a master node which periodically queries a slave node that can sense temperature, humidity, etc.). This prompted me to develop a new library, based on VirtualWire, which provides these functions. Currently the library is still in an alpha-stage, but it is quite usable and flexible. In the next post I'll give you the project's URL.

Please, help me to test the code and improve its capabilities! ;)

Bye, Alessandro

The project's URL is:

The tar file contains the library, the readme file and a couple of simple examples.

Bye, Alessandro