Simple XBee question. Can I sense XBee analog pins via AT command?

I am confused. An XBee has analog pins. I know how to set a pin up as analog pin with say ATD0 2. But from what I read, here, I can only sense analog pins on another XBee but not my own via AT comman?

What am I missing? Say if I have an xbee connected to an xbee explorer to a PC, how do I read this xbee's analog channel?

Thank you!

I think you're reading it correctly. Perhaps the thinking was that an XBee wouldn't be needed for local sensing, but I can see situations where it would be convenient, even if not the most straightforward. That's a good writeup BTW, thanks for the link.


I was just learning xbee analog and digital pins right now and was confused that I couldn't sense them with AT commands.

What I was doing was to use an xbee wifi to remotely power cycle other devices. Say if a data logger in the field is stuck, I want to remotely restart it instead of going on site (miles and miles away) only to flip the power switch, then I can use the existing wifi hotspot at the site and an xbee wifi on a relay shield.

Via etherios (device cloud) I can control the pins on the xbee wifi, since it's connected to the internet. There is even a place I can create widgets (on/off switches) on a dash board, instead of digging deep into the etherios settings to flip the digital pins on the xbee wifi.

All those fun activities made me think that I want to learn more about these little bees, which led me to think I could read its inputs via AT command.