SimplePlotterApp Not moving DC Motors(Section 4.2)

Whenever using the SimplePlotterApp in this section, I notice that when the servo position is set to "none" the DC motors are able to be interactively moved. However, when the servo position is set to either left or right, the battery LED starts to flicker and the DC motors do not move at all.

Is the arduino failing to complete the first task of setting the servo position? Why would this happen? Do I break my servo?

The servo gets really hot whenever I use it, which is probably a bad sign.

Interesting problem. So we can help please post a schematic, not a frizzy thing showing all interconnections and power supplies. Also post links to technical information on each of your hardware items. Since this can be a coding and/or hardware problem also post your code but follow the instructions on how to do this. If I were to take a SWAG it sounds like you are running with a 9V battery which do not work.

I am having a similar issue... it seems like the dc motors only work when they want to in my case. Also, why is there no instructions on communicating with the robot through wifi? Do you guys actually hang the robot up while it is still plugged in? Did the people at Arduino actually try this kit themselves or is this kit a complete sham? I have been trying to find documents on the nano motor carrier with. no luck. I wish we could just have the option to do this project through Matlab, which I would never choose because it is too slow on regular laptops, or through the simple and efficient Arduino IDE. Why is there no documents on how to use the motor carrier???? no bueno

The servo motor heating is not a really good sign but can you share the setup you are using and the initial steps you did.

The kit has been tested along with the contents. We will need more information related to the issues you are having with the kit. You can find the schematics of teh carrier in the store page and in the docs page.
Store: Arduino Nano Motor Carrier — Arduino Official Store
You can also contact us directly through the contact us page to raise a ticekt with us and we will be able to help you with the entire issues you aer having with the kit.
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