simplest way to compile C++ for the AR9331

What would be the simplest way so that I can write the programs running on the AR9331 in C++?

Should I install extra packages? Or can compile on my windows machine? Etc...

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I would clone the linino repo, add the Makefile for that package and compile it alone with something like

make package/mypackage/compile V=s

See OpenWrt build system – Usage [Old OpenWrt Wiki]
This way you should obtain an .ipk without compiling every single piece of linino. Then you can SCP it to the yun and run

opkg install mypackage.ipk

Or if you want to write your own c++ code, you need the openWrt software development kit... Look at:

I indeed would like to write and compile C++ programs to run on the AR9331 linux environment.
On a daily basis I develop C++ on linux computers using gcc.

Isn't it possible to install a C++ compiler on the Linino?

This thread AVR Toolchain for the YUN - #7 by noblepepper - Arduino Yún - Arduino Forum at least implies it is possible to compile a compiler that runs on the Yun. I was close when I got distracted.

I built the linino dist using the procedure Federico describes and cross-compile using Cross Compile [Old OpenWrt Wiki] until I work out the details.

I would never try to run a native toolchain on the Linono - not enough grunt, IMHO. Here’s an excellent article that describes how to use the openWRT SDK to easily cross-compile your own code:

I didn’t read everything yet, but that link looks very promising! Thanks!

I have finally managed to get a C program to cross-compile from my Ubuntu system and run on the Yun. It wasn’t exactly trivial. There’s a lot of information out there, but all of the software is changing frantically, so things are often out of date.

To summarise, I followed the instructions on the playground

I built the system software, which took a long time, and broke often. I eventually gave up on this, but I had watched enough to know I had a working cross-compiler toolchain.

I then looked at
and followed the instructions in here to create, package and cross-compile my helloworld program.

I transferred it to the Yun and it works. Thanks to Mazilo, and many others…

Let me know if you have problems with this.