Simulate an 3 phase Induction motor

Hello, i just made an 3 phase inverter PCB with i want to run on low voltage first and take some measures.If all OK,i will go on HV.

like this:

But because there arent 3-Phase inductor for such low voltages, i am thinking of make an dummy load with 3 set of RL.

Does i am thinking right ?

Some washing m/c motors are 3-phase induction motors. You can run an induction motor
at much lower than nominal voltage, just use lower frequencies if you want significant current.
Such washing m/c motors are available as cheap spares on eBay. They usually have a
tachogenerator too.

A 3-phase gimbal motor is synchronous, but that might also be a suitable load, as might a
medium sized industrial BLDC.

I have an 3phase Indruction motor 400V which i can ran i guess on 120V using an transformer on warehouse.

Yeah keeping the V/F constant.

But i just want some measures on 12-15Vac so check the switching part.Thats why i am thinking of a dummy load (R + L)

Use car headlamp light bulbs or LV halogen bulbs as your LV loads and you'll get visual feedback of operation. Running halogen on lower than rated voltage isn't recommended for long life but they will serve the intended purpose