Simulate Baseball Catch

We're looking at creating a Vive game where you play the part of a catcher, trying to catch a pitch from a major league player.
I am doing some research to find the best solution for haptic feedback from the catch. We want something strong enough to be felt through the leather... or it could be inside the glove possibly. I thought a solenoid may work... It should run on battery.
Any ideas?

Go for inside the glove. That way you only need a small actuator instead of something the size and weight of the ball. Maybe a bunch of little vibration motors out of phones or one from a game controller.

Depending on the budget, maybe an inflatable bladder inside the glove that can inflate quickly and give a more distributed force.

Thanks, I found this article which seems they did just what I need to do - but it gives no details.

I am thinking an electromagnetic solenoid could provide a fast and hard enough hit to feel right... The vive controller has a haptic motor in it, but it's too weak. I like the bladder idea too... will look into that.