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I'm using two arduino that communicate throught a RS-485 protocol. I have a pcb camera with osd that use a "joystick" to control that osd (up, down, left, right, press). On the pcb camera i have 5 pin "exit" that correspond each one to a command (up, down, ...) and a ground pin. Normally the joystick put one of that 5 3.3V to the ground. (no resistor just a contact between 3.3V and gnd).

I'm now able to get the command from that joystick (it is just 5 buttons) on the "tx" arduino.

The question is how (from code) can I simulate the pression of a button on the "rx" arduino? I just think that i can use 5 relays, each for a command (up, down, ...)... but is really a too basic non electronic solution... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’d probably try something like this.

The diodes are to protect the camera from the 5v available from the arduino I/O pins.
The resistors are to protect the Arduino from too much current being drawn. Something like 120 ohm should suffice.

Sending a LOW to the relevant pin should simulate the appropriate joystick action.


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Thank you very much, I just test it, it works perfectly :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much, I just test it, it works perfectly :slight_smile:

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Great. Lucky guess eh?

Sometime we need some chance… Be positive :smiley:

However I post a picture of all the sys for the other.

Black-White-Grey-Violet-Blue (5 joystick signal)
Green-Yellow (Servos PWM from arduino)
Orange +5V (servos)
Red :grinning: GND
Brown +12V (camera)

the pcb has also a balun for transmitt long distances video :slight_smile:

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