Simulate Home Button Press on an Iphone 5c?


I have an iphone 5c without a working home button. I updated the device to ios 10 and cant get past the "press home to upgrade" screen (lol)
I was wondering if i could send signals from an arduino to the pads shown in this image to simulate a home press?
From my basic understanding I could theoretically send some voltage to the pads and that should work?

The switch is probably a basic normally open switch so you could simply bridge the contacts with a piece of wire.

However as the home key is pressed many times a day, you are far better off to have it replaced.


Hm, thanks for the tip.
I dont use it as a daily device, just want to start doing some dev work on it. I just need to get past the upgrade screen to activate assistive touch.

I'll give it a shot.