Simulate LCD bitmap output on desktop


I'm working with SSD1306 with Arduino IDE using maple mini.

I want to learn more about programming LCDs, I can keep the dev board with the LCD connected on my desktop all the time, but I thought of an easier way to test my programming skills with a program that can write the pixels on the computer monitor or simulate that !

So what can I do ? Would Processing help me in this regard ?


I tested Processing, but the output is really small, is there a way to get it bigger ? Like increasing the size of pixels.

Hi Wolfrose,

My first reaction is: of course the output is small: you are addressing a maximum of 128 pixels wide and 64 high and that is VERY small on a 1920X1400 computer display. Just a speck!

I am interested in this issue because I am looking for an instruction or library that provides a function 'scale'. Is there any scaling subroutine around, for instance to scale 128x64 images to show up large on 320x480 TFT screens?

Yep, I found the solution.

I asked in Processing forum and they told me that to use function "scale"

My bitmap is 128x64, so I have to increase the size of the output window according to the times of increased pixels you want.

I tried this code and it's working like I want.

PImage img;

void setup() {
  size(1280, 640);       // increasing the actual bitmap size according to the increased output you want
                                 // my actual bitmap is 128x64, so you have to multiply each dimension by x10  
  img = loadImage("bmp.bmp");

void draw() {
  scale(10,10);           // increasing the actual output pixels x10 times
  image(img, 0, 0);