Simulate Traffic lights

I’m still new to arduino.

Green light turns on for 5 seconds while orange and red lights are off.
Orange light turns on for 2 seconds which green and red lights are off.
Red light turns on for 5 seconds while green and orange lights are off.

Need code for this problem

Thank you :slight_smile:

and why you don´t code it by yourself?
If do you have a buget send a PM

it's a super hard problem - probably requires $100,000 and 4 weeks of R&D by a small hardware and software engineering team...

This section of the forum does seem to be the "goto" place for novice road traffic engineers and lift/elevator engineers seeking solutions to problems in their work place. Obviously, Arduino is the system of choice for such application areas.

This particular problem could be solved simply by using delay(), that is unless the Head of Road Traffic Engineering has specifically excluded the use of delay() in any solution.

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