Simulation Program

Hi, I´m searching for a programm that combines Fritzing for setting up Hardware and the arduino written software. If I am changing in the arduino code something or am implatation som update to the code, i wanne see if its running, whats happaning or to search for problems.

do you mean a hardware emulator for the Arduino or a Hardware and Software emulator ??

a Hardware & Software emulator

building the hardware like in Firtzing and running it by the arduino code to see results

You'd probably learn more (and more quickly) if you just built the stuff.

what i have biuld: - arduino controlled lightning in the entrence hall - added the arduino ethernet shild - added a smal homepage for controlling the lights on internet

The problem is, that if i change something, and want to look if its running i always have to run to the arduinowith the laptop and replace the code. There are mostly problems that need to be solved, and til i find it i have to replace the code all the time.

For upgrating the code it woluld be easyer if i have such an emulator.

Nightwolf: til i find it i have to replace the code all the time.

That's quite normal.

I suggest you focus on making the upload easier, and/or getting a separate physical installation set up for testing. I think you'll find that if you have a laptop or PC that you can physically connect to your Arduino installation, accessing that remotely to do your sketch development is quite easy using either remote desktop access (with the IDE running on the remote laptop) or a network USB extender that lets you access the remote USB port over the network.

There are arduino simulators available. Just google "arduino simulator"

The tricky bit is finding one that works and that you trust.

I think I read somewhere that an Intel Galileo is an Arduino simulator?