Simulation using serial monitor IDE Arduino without real board/hardware ?

Hi All !

I want to run a simple code, such as ~> an aritmetic code, like a=2; b=3; c=a+b; then print variable "c" to serial monitor and see the result. But this, I want do it without real board of arduino. Is it possible ? Just compile the code and see on serial monitor the result (the default is error and have to use the real board).

I have searched on the internet and I just find simulator from the third party. Here, I want to use IDE Arduino and open the serial monitor.

Thanks in advance..... :)

There are simulators out there, I've never used one, never felt the need.

The serial monitor is just a terminal however, all it does is connect to a specific port, and displays data from that port at the specified baud rate.

If its just arithmetic and algorithms you're testing, you could just thrash the code out in C on the PC and print your results to stdout.

How do I print to Serial but without board plugged in ?

This is my error: // Board at COM1 is not available

I work on multiple computers and don’t have the board available all the time. I often need to verify code without access to Arduino board.

Please help

How do I print to Serial but without board plugged in ?

What do you imagine is going to print to Serial if you don't have an Arduino connected ?

I believe that there are simulators available but I have never used one.